Zumba with Christen
Come Party with me!


After trying my first Zumba class I was hooked. I asked the instructor where else she taught and she suggested I get licensed to become a Zumba instructor. I never thought of myself as an Instructor but after having had my baby I thought I'd give it a chance. I've been instructing for a little over a year now and my life has completely changed. Zumba gives me the chance to dance how I want without having to worry about the inappropriate actions of others in a club setting. I love that it allows people with and without rythm to come together and shake it off.  I love that zumba allows you to come as you are no matter the age, shape or size and just let lose.

Please come join me as we kick off our shoes and shake it off to take it off at the Dojo. This is an intimate place where we can get down and boogie. 
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